Rate your current SaaS Marketing Capability

Rate yourself against ten key pillars we have identified as being critical for Kiwi SaaS companies.

In building capability across NZ SaaS businesses – we needed benchmarks – so we built them. Every year we survey a range of Kiwi businesses to track performance. These Kiwi SaaS marketing capability benchmarks help you to identify where you’re excelling and areas for improvement.


We have taken the ten pillars identified in the survey and built out key templates and best practice to deliver against them.

The ten pillars

The key deliverables

Target Customers


Customer journey mapping, target customer profile / persona building

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing fundamentals

Clarifying and articulating your purpose, vision, values, brand and style guide

Customer Retention

Customer retention

Community building, upsell and cross sell, retention workflows

Peopl, Systems and Processes

People, systems and processes

Recruiting the right people, coaching and mentoring, establishing marketing processes and meeting cadence, internal marketing and recruitment brand building

Marketing Metrics

Marketing metrics

Monthly marketing report plus real-time tracking where possible, KPI setting for the team / business

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment

Marketing plan and budget aligned to business goals

Product marketing practices

Product market fit, new functionality launched

Tech Stack

Tech stack

CRM, email/marketing automation tools, AI for marketing

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition

Paid and organic funnel building, ad campaigns (local and global)

Website effectiveness

Information architecture, SEO, content plan, blog, design and backend optimisation, link building

If you would like to see how you currently rate against the ten pillars of SaaS Marketing – take the latest SaaS Marketing Capability Survey now (it’s a great way to see where the gaps really are).

In completing the survey we give you a completely optional, free online consultation to review and interpret the results with you.

Proxi Testimonial

Proxi has invested in us and really is one of the team.”

“We’ve learned about the importance of getting the right structure in place, how to have those challenging conversations and how to lead the company. Now we have focus and direction. “

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CEO at CloudCannon

Proxi Testimonial