Great holiday books to build marketing capability

Proxi's holiday reading list of books to help build SaaS marketing capability. Includes content, LinkedIn, productivity and Working Genius

There’s nothing like a good book to read while on holiday. We regularly share ‘Good Reads’ as a team on our Slack channel, so it was a logical place to go looking for some holiday reading. This isn’t in any way a book review – though we have read some of the titles – but more a list of holiday books to help build on your marketing capability and productivity over the next few months.

Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes Volume 2 As the cover states, it is a “new and improved go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content.” A Wall Street Journal bestseller this completely revised and expanded version is a must-read even for those that have the first edition (it promises to be 10% funnier). This book launched in 2022 while Jane was at a conference in Boston where she met the author and got her copy signed. It is perfect for anyone who loves to write or wants to.

Link.Ability by Lynnaire Johnston New Zealand’s very own LinkedIn Guru (ranked in the world’s top 50 experts by LinkedIn in 2022), Lynnaire brings together four powerful strategies to maximise your LinkedIn success. It promises everything you need to know about current best practice for connecting, posting, engaging and direct messaging. If your New Year’s resolution was to get better at posting on LinkedIn – this is the book.

Time Wise by Dr Amantha Imber Australia’s master of productivity, Dr Amantha Imber, has captured insights from 150 interviews with entrepreneurs, business leaders, musicians, entertainers and authors from all over the world in her podcast ‘How I Work’. Time Wise brings together all the gems she has learnt to help us achieve more in less time, with less stress and greater joy. Short, easy-to-read chapters with loads of practical tips to implement.

The 6 Types of Working Genius by Patrick Lencioni A book that is rapidly changing lives and businesses. Similar to Lencioni’s previous best seller ‘5 Dysfunctions of a Team’, Working Genius is part business fable and part ‘how to’ handbook. Determining your genius as a team is transformational and is helping Proxi be more productive and work more effectively – individually and collectively. Great for anyone looking to be more productive and/or build a more effective team. We also have a Working Genius facilitator on our team if going one step further is of interest.

Unleash Possible by Samantha Stone Billed as a ‘marketing playbook that drives sales’ the reviews alone make this compelling reading – not just for marketers but everyone on the C-Suite. As one put it: “Rarely do you find a practical accessible resource that seamlessly combines sales and marketing into a coherent and motivating call to action.” Again it is easy to read and available in hard copy and on Kindle.

Obviously Awesome by April Dunford You know your product is awesome – but does anybody else? Positioning guru and tech exec, April shows you how to find your product’s secret sauce and then sell that sauce to those who crave it. Having spent years as a startup executive with 16 product launches under her belt and a consultant, Dunford speaks with authority about breaking through the noise of a crowded market. Punctuated with witty anecdotes and compelling case studies, Dunford’s book is entertaining and illuminating.